• A tinkering lab to bring out the innovator in your Child

    We provide project based, customised workshops on robotics, coding, electronics, design thinking, 3D printing to help your child develop the confidence to use these skills for problem solving and to strengthen STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) concepts. We provide them exposure to state of the art tools and gadgets to give wings to their imagination. Workshops are split into modules based on skill and age. of your child .


    For Ages: 6+

    Creative Writing Workshop

    Ages 10-14

    In Collaboration With Dancing Fireflies


    12 session workshop starting April 6. Every Saturday,

    10-11:30 or 11:30-1

    Call Vinti Doshi at 9811419725 for details.


    Also help your child choose from exciting workshops on Design Thinking (using cardboard construction, electronics, up-cycled material), 3D Design/Printing, Pre-robotics (Dot/Dash, Sphero and Lego WeDo), Robotics (Avishkaar and Lego Mindstorms EV3), Electronics (littleBits and Arduino), Coding (ScratchJr, Scratch, PYTHON, Java), Web Designing, Wood working, and much more. In every module, students create a video and present their work in the end. Please checkout a sample project done by one of our students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvd0V-vOzGA&t=21s


    Tinkering Sessions in Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon

  • Raising Future Ready Children

    "When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it blooms, not the flower." - Alexander Den Heiier

    Coding/Electronics/Robotics/3D Printing

    Scratch, Python, Java, Age appropriate circuit kits, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Lego and much more

    The ability to code separates those who merely have an idea from those who can make their ideas a reality.

    If you want your child to be a thinker and innovator who can bring ideas to life, encourage him to learn how to program, to see how an electronic circuit works, and to design and manoeuvre a robot to make it do what she wants. These skills give children confidence that they can be designers and builders.


    Learning by doing and experiencing

    Our maker workshops focus on putting skills to work. They put theoretical knowledge in perspective by solving challenges based on real life scenarios. They give an opportunity to your child work with his/her hands, experience and feel the problem, invent and reinvent a solution and thus give shape to his/her ideas. In the process, you earn where his/her interests and strength lies.

    Projects and Maker Portfolios

    Engineer creative projects and portfolios

    Use your imagination and skills to design and develop useful and innovative class or fun projects which can become part of a strong maker portfolio, a recommended supplement for admissions to reputed engineering colleges.

    Strengthen Science Concepts

    Visual and Hands On Learning

    We use state of the art tools and kits to drive away fear of science and help understand science concepts in a fun and hands on approach through activities/examples from every day life.

    Club Membership

    De-stress, learn, and create at your own time

    Monthly membership gives you the flexibility of time and control. We look at ThINKERS Club as a place of relaxation. Where one can come and immerse in a world of imagination, learning and creation. Members enjoy access to activities and material that enhance logical and analytical thinking as well as discounts on classes/workshops.

  • Workshops for Ages 6-12

    Young Inventors Program


    Introduction to basic concepts of design thinking, electronics, creative coding, robotics, using state of the art age appropriate tools and gadgets. Through interactive and project-based learning approach, we make them build working prototypes. This helps initiate them into the maker movement, build creative confidence and problem solving skills.

    During the course, students present their work through photographs and videos.


    Individual Workshop: starting Rs.7500

    *Discounts offered on groups or multiple workshop signups

    Creative Coding

    Scratch Jr

    10 hrs

    Introduction to coding concepts through creative simulation of scenarios from world around us, problem solving & logic building skills using programmable robots. Basic animation and story telling using Scratch Jr



    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches

    Intro to Coding

    Basic Scratch

    20 hrs

    Building concepts of coding, problem solving & logic building skills using programmable robots. Basic animation, story telling, game design using Scratch





    Special Summer Schedule & Weekday/Weekend Batches


    Advance Scratch

    20 hrs

    Animation, Game Design, Creative Art based on mathematical operations. Extensions of Scratch to interface with Robotic and Electronic kits like lego, littleBits, etc. Using Scratch to Handle Cloud Daya




    Special Summer Schedule & Weekday/Weekend Batches

    Electrifying Electronics

    10 hrs

    Basic circuit components, sensors, paper circuitry, building basic electronic contraptions and smart devices



    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches


    10 hrs

    Basics of robotics using Lego WeDO, Avishkaar, Programmable Robots






    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches.

    Robotics Level 1

    20 hrs

    Design/Construction usinng Lego Wedo & Avishkaar using basic sensors. Students design a bot to tackle a theme based problem statement




    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches

    Robotics Level 2

    20 hrs

    Design/Construction Problem statements Avishkaar with a wide range of sensors






    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches


    Robotics Level 3

    20 hrs

    Design/Construction Problem statements

    using Lego Mindstorms EV3






    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches


    IRC, WRO, FLL Training

    min. 20 hrs

    Training, Preparation, Practice for various competitions like Avishkaar's IRC School and Open League, WRO, FLL, etc



    Schedule Depends on Competition Deadlines



    Introduction 3D Design/Printing

    10 hrs



    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches

  • Workshops for Ages 12-18

    Workshops Focus on Skill Building as well as Portfolio Building Keeping Future Academic/Career Goals and Emerging Trends in Mind


    Basics of PYTHON

    20 hrs

    Rs. 12,000






    Advanced Python Introduction to Arduino/R-Pi

    20 hrs

    Rs. 20,000




    Rs. 12,000





    Flexible Time Slot, call or visit to fix time and pricing

    Robotics Level 1

    20 hrs

    Rs. 12,000


    Design/Construction using Avishkaar. Students build basic models of remote controlled robotic devices. Emphasis is on understanding mechanical design and movement.





    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches

    Robotics Level 2

    20 hrs

    Rs. 12,000


    Design/Construction using Avishkaar and its basic sensors. Basics of coding are introduced to program robotic devices. Students design and build programmable robotic devices like line follower, etc





    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches

    Robotics Level 3

    20 hrs

    Rs. 12,000


    Design/Construction using Avishkaar with its wide range of sensors and Introduction to Lego Mindstorms EV3 with its basic sensors.








    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches



    Robotics Level 4

    Rs. 18,000


    Advanced Lego Mindstorms EV3 with its wide range of sensors. Emphasis on designing building devices specific to selected themes and related problem sets.





    Special Summer Schedule & Regular Weekday/Weekend Batches

    Advanced Robotics using Arduino


    Designing and Building Robotic Devices using Arduino, 3D printers, etc to perform self identified problem statements




    Flexible Time Slot, call or visit to fix time . Cost depends on project undertaken

    Introduction to Design Thinking: 3D Modeling and Printing

    10 hrs

    Rs. 7,500







    Flexible Time Slot, call or visit to fix time . Cost depends on project undertaken

    Projects or Portfolio Development

    (Engineering Projects) 






    Flexible Time Slot, call or visit to fix time . Cost depends on project undertaken

  • Program Focus

    "What good is an idea, if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world." - Simon Sinek

    Electrifying Electronics

    For Ages 8-12

    Explore the world of circuits. Learn the basic components of an electrical circuit and sensors etc through age appropriate tools. Sessions involve understanding of the 6 step innovation cycle where students build art projects using paper electronics or smart devices and sensor driven contraptions using the concepts taught. They are also asked to present their project as a video or a live talk on the last day.

    Digital Story Creation/Animation/Game Design - Creative Coding

    For Ages 6-12

    Creative expression, problem solving, logic building using programmable robots. Creative expression, story building and Game Design using Scratch Jr and Scratch. Students are given problem statements from real life scenarios and are asked to develop creative solutions.

    Creative Coding - Advanced Scratch

    For Ages 10+

    Students build creative art/programs using mathematical concepts and computations. They learn about Scratch extensions for robotics and electronic kits like lego, littleBits, arduino, makey makey, etc


    For Ages 6-8

    Using pre-programmable and programmable robots like Robby and Bonnie/Dot/Dash and basic robotic kits like Lego WeDo and Cubelets, young children are introduced to the world of robotics. They are asked to perform simple tasks using these kits in which they are encouraged to think creatively and it enhances their problem solving skills and logical reasoning skills

    Robotics - Level 1: Design and Construction

    For Ages 8-10

    Sessions involve creative expression, problem solving, logic building using programmable robots and introduction to basic mechanical design using Avishkaar kit and lego Mindstorms EV3. The problem statements involve manual control of robots as well as basic programming. Problem statements are picked from real life scenarios to give context to learning for students.

    Robotics - Level 2: Mechanical Design and Intro to programming

    For Ages 10-12

    Advanced mechanical construction using Avishkaar kit and Lego Mindstorms reinforcing science concepts for sound design. Use of various sensors introduced and to be included when finding solutions to real life based problem statements. Advanced manual control involving strategic thinking and introduction to programming of these robots.

    Robotics - Level 3: Design and Construction of programmable robots

    For Ages 12-14

    Design and construction of fully programmable robots using Avishkaar's SR brain and Lego Mindstorms EV3. Students will be ready to tackle challenges of IRC school league and Open League and WRO/FLL

    Design Thinking: 3D Design & Modeling

    For Ages 10+

    Sessions involve understanding of the 6 step design thinking process and the 6 step Futuristic Problem Solving Process. We pick a theme and students brainstorm and layout a plan and design of their concept. They learn about 3D design and basic 3D modelling and they create their designs in tinkercad which are then 3D printed to carry back home!!

    Basics of Python Programming

    For Ages 12+

    Learn basics of computer programming through Python. Work through examples for better understanding of the syntax and coding concepts.

    Building With Arduino/Raspberry Pi

    For Ages 12+

    Duration: 20 hrs

  • Members' Experiences

    This is what our members have to say

    A must do for everyone and all ages. I vouch for it and Vihaan (my 7 year old) just loves it! - Sujatha Parthasarthi (Facebook page)


    Avi really enjoyed today's session and was excited to share his exploits... Working with wires, battery, miniature motor... being part of the act of making a crude plotter that actually drew on paper! Great going Thinkers Club! - Rituraj Kapila (Facebook page)


    a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn while playing. They get to know about the concepts which seemingly sound esoteric in a classroom environment ! Thanks to vinti & her team - Anjali Mamgain (Facebook group)

  • About the Team

    A team of passionate like minded change makers

    Vinti Doshi

    Founder, Thinkers Club

    My dream project

    An electronics engineer by education, I worked as a Senior Information Security Engineer with the US Department of Defence for over ten years. I was involved in active research in Database Security and have a number of publications to my credit.


    I have been a hands on parent of two daughters. Elder one after completing her undergrad from Miranda House and Masters from Boston University , is working as a data scientist in US with a leading pharmaceutical company. Younger one completed her undergrad in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, USA and is pursuing Masters in AI/Machine Learning from MIT.


    I have been deeply interested in alternate methods of teaching students to make learning fun. Apart from being an active volunteer at my daughters’ schools, I have kept myself updated with developments in STEM education, have met experts, and attended workshops and conferences whenever possible both in India and US.


    I have a team of experts and trainers helping out in taking my vision and mission forward. The prerequisite for working with me is to share the same passion for teaching and keeping the fire burning in students.



    Rajeev Agrawal

    Did his B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering and M.Tech. in Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 2007. His professional experience includes working with a leading investment bank in London (UK), a Tibetan non-profit in Berkeley (USA) and an IT consulting firm in Omaha (USA). He has coauthored two books entitled 'Nuclear Physics: Problem-based Approach including Matlab' published by Prentice-Hall of India (PHI) and 'Classical Mechanics' published by New Age International, and reviewed a book entitled 'Physics for JEE Main' published by Wiley, in addition to coaching students preparing for competitive exams in Physics and Physical Chemistry. Currently, he is involved with Thinkers Club, a Gurugram based maker-space

    Mansi Khanna

    Robotics teacher at TSRS Moulsari. Pursuing her PhD in Nano technology. BTech in Electronics Engineering.

    We also have tieups with experts and organisations who believe in promoting maker culture and raising a future ready generation

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